Non-Conforming & un-photoshoped images displayed in Cosmo India

Fashion magazines are known for pages full of photoshopped models wearing the latest trends from the runway. We at Fashom support the message of non-conforming & no photoshop images on social media & magazines. We were so excited to learn that in Cosmopolitan India’s November issue highlighted women sharing their “imperfections” but to us, these women look amazing!

Abhina Aher, transgender activist

“Trans women in this country have been subject to all kinds of harassment, treated like objects and thrown away. When you have that struggle inherently ingrained in you, beauty takes on a whole new power dynamic. Looking beautiful physically always picks me up.”

Nishat Fatima, photographer.

“People always notice my hair first and I don’t deny I’ve tried to make it look its best. My nose is something people bring up too, because I’ve met so many people fixated on noses. I don’t like to think about the way I look — I always think of it with the same detachment as I think of the way other people look.”Tania Fadte, stylist, and designer

Tania Fadte, stylist and designer.


Dessidre Fleming, writer

“I love how I look when I smile, how one-of-a-kind it is — I’ve always loved how I look, and I accentuate as many of my features every single day as I possibly can. It’s very easy to get down about the way you look, but as long as you develop a wall, you’re golden.”

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