High Fashion Vegan Brands

Today, vegan fashion is better designed than ever, using materials that are very eco-friendly instead of animal products.  It is so easy to dress cruelty-free and we at Fashom want to show you several of the high fashion brands that you could wear:

Stella McCartney


Stella McCartney is truly the Queen of Vegan fashion. Raised from birth to be a vegetarian, the designer is an animal rights activist, supporting projects such as Meatless Monday. She also refuses to use any dead animal parts or products in any of her creations, including her handbags and shoes.

Matt n Nat


Matt n Nat is an abbreviation of the two main values of the brand: ‘material’ and ‘nature’. Launched almost 20 years ago in Montreal, Matt & Nat is not only inspired by the textures and different shades of nature, they are dedicated to protecting nature too.

Melie Bianco


Vegan handbag company Melie Bianco is a favorite with LA celebs. The cruelty-free line was founded in 2003 by a husband-and-wife duo inspired to bring major design trends to the conscious consumer.

These are just a few of the many amazing vegan brands!  We hope that you will try some of them out and post your photos to our Fashom app!

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