Vegan Fashion Brands You’ll Love Shopping At

Here at Fashom we love discovering vegan clothing brands. We have been really inspired by Vegan Month to find some great vegan clothing brands. Here are just a few of our favorite fashion shop finds!


VAUTE, pronounced like “vote”, is a vegan, eco-friendly New York based clothing store. The brand features dresses, shirts, swimwear, and warm and stylish outerwear. VAUTE has fashion items for both men and women and you can shop by season!


Photo: VAUTE

The Dharma Store

The Dharma Store offers fashion items for both men and women with the belief that fashion and awareness are connected. The store features shirts, accessories, and yoga apparel!


Photo: The Dharma Store

Saved Kisses

Saved Kisses loves showing you their gentle side – from their vegan clothing to the softness of their fabric. Not only can you shop women’s apparel on their site, but also donate to some great organizations that help animals in the wild!


Photo: Saved Kisses


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