Real post baby bodies

Kim Kardashian is back at her gorgeous curvy self, post-birth of her second child. She is flawless; she has no cellulite, no visible stretch marks, her body looks banging in those body suits she wears. All mothers can get there too, right?

The answer is yes of course! Here is the recipe!

  • 6 nannies
  • $$$$ for all those lifts, electrolysis, and toning treatments
  • Endless time for working out, facials, and down time (motherhood is very exhausting)

There you go!

Back to reality: most moms do not have these types of resources, time, or cash. Some women go back to work; the ones who become stay-at-home moms enter a different work force. Most times, taking care of a precious new infant means constant attention, preparation, cleaning, and the much needed 5 minute nap if you can get the little sucker to sleep. So where does that leave time for 5 hour work-outs?



The Honest Body Project, launched by photographer Natalie McCain aims to empower mothers to embrace their post-baby body and “share their stories of self-love.” In return, hopefully setting a good example of body confidence for their children.


Social media has created an unreal expectation of body image and what is “normal.” Many woman proudly show their stretch marks and scars as a mark of their journey to motherhood. The idea of perfection—that it is flawless body and skin—needs to change.


“perfection should never be a goal—but rather self-acceptance. Stop calling yourself fat; stop shying away from being in photos; stop body shaming. Learn to love your body, and in turn, set a good example and start conversations with your children about how women really look.”



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