The Bold and the Beautiful

Hey, Fashom world.

Going into late fall and into early winter we love to see more bold makeup statements. In the summer, as we all know, we love the bronze pinky look, but now we want bold and beautiful. I’m going to take you through some amazing trends that these cold days have to offer.

Bright red lipstick – an automatic go to, especially when you are in a rush and don’t have time to do the rest of your makeup! A red splash on the lips adds so much power and will make people walking by taking a second glance.


Purple gaze – with any eye color purple shimmery goodness looks amazing! It adds so much pop, looks even better paired with a thick black eyeliner. Try bleeding the purple into your eyebrows a little too.


Blue’s clues – right next to as amazing as purple, blue shadow. These can even be blended with some dark greens to really make your eyes pop. And for all you redheads out there this look LOOKS fabulous on you especially.


The thick line – yes, your eyeliner line. It adds such a statement and can look great with any eyeshade. Being able to find the curves and shapes to your eyes will help you tremendously!


So those are just four of the bold and beautiful looks. Wearing bold statements like this don’t just have to come from your wardrobe but one how you apply your makeup as well. Now let us see some of these amazing looks on Fashom app! #BoldAndBeautiful


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