Unique Hairstyles

Hey Fashom fans.

So across the world we all know fashion is a very broad subject. When most think of fashion they thinks clothes and what goes on the body, what kind of jewelry and shoes you can pair an outfit with. Next you may think of makeup and how you can apply that to match your outfit. But very rarely to people consider hairstyles to be a style. Typically because you have the same hair everyday, but what if you mixed it up weekly? Hair is so unique and it is the one thing where EVERYONE can be different, and be proud about that. So lets dive into some amazing hairstyles.

Compact/Neat Up-do – a classically clean look is slick back bun up do. It seeks confident girl boss and sets you up to rule the day.


Spiked Bangs – just a flip up of any hair short due can have people wondering if that’s the new style. Own it, and if you like it, stay with it!


Wild Up-do – stars like Ke$ha rule the world with amazing crazy do’s. Using all the hairspray in the world create something that is going to stand out (up) literally.


Cool and Sunny – now being blonde is considered a classic color, but what about literal yellow hair? It is a color that can make your whole wardrobe pop.


Head turner – The split hair look…on one profile your hair is black and on the other profile your hair is blonde. Kind of like the Disney star Cruella Devil


So be brave Fashom stars to create the amazing look you want to. Have confidence and remember that hair always grows back! Lets see some amazing looks on Fashom app!

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