Mens Holiday Attire

This one is for all of you male fashionista’s out there. Finding the right holiday outfit can be difficult, especially next to your special guest for the holiday weekends to come. But don’t you worry, we have some perfect trends that make you shine this season. And for an extra plus, you can use this trends no matter where you go.

Mountain Coats: Now we all know that the weather has changed. Whether its snow or rain, you need warmth and style protection. Woolwich Woolen Mills has the perfect allAmerican plaid jacket.


Khakis: Now if the suit and tie are too formal for you this holiday season, khakis are the way to go! You can find these trousers online at


Cotton Blazer: One of my personal favorite trends. Goes well with a beachy look…so if you’re heading somewhere tropical and sunny for the holiday season this is perfect! The brand Theory carries an amazing blazer!


Button-Down Polo – hit up Ralph Lauren this holiday season, and the best thing about these shirts is they will go great with your closet collection. Because you can match them with almost anything.


Dark-Blue Denim: The most classic way to go! This look amazing with absolutely anything. Your new polo or an old sweater.


So let’s see it, guys! We all want to see your new holiday trends on the app this season. Give the post a hashtag of #HolidayTrends on Fashom!


Source: Esquire

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