Sapna “One cannot blame society for not expressing themselves. It is only their fear that stops them.”


Meet Sapna: Creating her own inspirational path though life.


Fashom: What do you do for a living?

Sapna: I don’t think I have figured that out yet.

Fashom: What’s your general sense of style / fashion like? Do you stick to a particular kind of dressing – either feminine or masculine or do you experiment with both? 

Sapna: My style is anything black.  I don’t think clothing has a gender and nor do i.  I dress according to how I feel in that moment.


Fashom: How much do you think the social norms and mainstream media have constrained people from expressing themselves through their looks?

Sapna: This question has been asked many times and the answer is very cliché. But one cannot blame society for not expressing themselves.  It is only their fear that stops them.


Fashom: How did you overcome such constraints. What can people do to overcome these constraints?

Sapna: Like I said earlier, get yourself out of your own way and you will fly.

Fashom: What person, event, or item inspires you?

Sapna: Constraints inspire me.  Patriarchy inspires me. Regression inspires me.

Fashom: How do you deal with criticism from others?

Sapna: I don’t think people who don’t know me count anyway so lets not even give their opinions a thought on this platform.

Fashom: What was the best advice you ever received about being true to yourself?

Sapna:The best advice I ever received was “None.”  I’m lucky that way.  I don’t have friends who preach to me about anything, maybe cuz they know I’m gonna do what I feel like anyway. I Give myself the time to stumble and fall and pick myself up again to stumble and fall. And Repeat.

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