Body Positive move at the supermarket

Hey, Fashom world.

With the Holidays coming around I know everyone is worried about gaining that 10 pounds of holiday food and drinks. And if you’re anything like me you try and eat healthily and on cue all the way up until the big day. But here is something inspiring for us all to read and learn from, Found recently in some Tesco supermarkets, people have spotted somebody positivity notes on diet products.


These diets products like Slim-Fast and Atkins all have chemicals and are made completely inorganic. And on top of that, they are all way overpriced. Notes on these products are saying things like “Is there, not more to life than being slim” “You’re beautiful and you don’t need these products to show it” “Believe that your beauty outshines these chemical products”


So if you are in the supermarket about to pick up one of these chemical products rethink to yourself and think of receiving one of these notes. People have come out in the media saying that these notes really made them reconsider what they were buying. And we hope here at Fashom it can make a difference for you too. Because we believe that you are beautiful without those diet products and you should love your body for what it is.


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