Last Minute party outfits

Hey, Fashom friends!

With the holidays right in the swing of things, you may be thinking to yourself, that you should have thrown a holiday party for all your friends or you need to attend the ones with the invitations just sitting on the kitchen counter. Well, think no more because we have for you the top looks that will make you stand out at a holiday party not matter your shape or size.

1. Throw on a fabulous skirt – and it can be any style, my personal favorite is a pencil skirt. You can rock these with any loose blouse or be in the perfect holiday spirit with a sweater. Under the skirts, black tights add such magic and bring the whole look together making you looks extra sophisticated.


2. Add a little sparkle – now this may mean you wear a sequined dress or if that is too glitzy for you then instead of adding some sparkle to your clothing, add some to your jewelry or headpieces. Adding a little bit of sparkle will make you stand out, and I’m sure you haven’t done it before.


3. LBD – yes, that stands for little black dress. We at Fashom know this is your go to look, so we want you to amp it up a little bit. You could try going strapless or even one shoulder. Something to add some sex appeal, that will have you standing out!


So with all these three ideas you can come up with something fabulous before your holiday party! Wearing red is also a go to, just to show that you are in the holiday spirit.

Post your holiday outfits on Fashom this coming week with #HolidayPerfection.

Source: Huffington Post

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