Madeline-“We all have gifts, we are all special, we all bring something to this world and others, and that’s what’s worth celebrating.”

Meet Madeline: A girl encouraging inclusion in fashion.   Fashom: What do you do for a living? A Runway Career Model A Runway Career Model Fashom: What's your general sense of style/fashion like? Do you stick to a particular kind of dressing - either feminine or masculine or do you experiment with both? I go... Continue Reading →

Ways To Be Content, Happy, and Satisfied With Your Life

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? From people who struggled to craft ways of survival to people who are actively setting rules of continued existence – humanity has become a tool of everything and nothing at the same time. And we’re happy, we really are. With all the achievements and progress, who wouldn’t be?... Continue Reading →

Misleading Photoshop

Hey, Fashom world! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for 2017 in full force. This past week there was an article published on yahoo sports home page by a fitness blogger. And she showed the whole world how misleading photoshop really can be. This blogger stated a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Woman Poses In Varying Pants Sizes To Make A Point About Body Image

Hey Fashom! We all know when shopping, it can be difficult, when you feel like every stores sizes are different than the others. That your size 6 at American Eagle is a size 10 at Oldnavy. And this can be discouraging and make you not want to go to a certain store because you have... Continue Reading →

Body positive move by Self Magazine

Self magazine will be going digital only after their February 2017 issue.  Amazing & body positive activist Iskra Lawrence will grace the cover of their final print issue. We at Fashom could not be happier to see the magazine's print issue end on a  body confident note. Being self magazine's cover girl is just one more thing to add... Continue Reading →

The best of body image

Hey, Fashom world! We are all excited to jump head first right into 2017, there are still some amazing things to look back on. We are going to go back and go over the 7 body positivity greatness that happened this past year. This is something we need to take with us into the new... Continue Reading →

The Just, Girl Project: “fiery movement that empowers girls to embrace honesty, passion, and struggle.”

  Meet Ilana: Founder of Just Girl Project   FASHOM: What do you do for a living? Ilana: I have run my own digital marketing agency called nailed it! media for the past 7 years. Simultaneously, I work in the pop music industry as a singer/songwriter. FASHOM: What's your general sense of style/fashion like? Do you... Continue Reading →

Take Care of your mind

Hey Fashom world, and Happy New Year! As we all know, the whole world strives to have the best New Years resolution. Today we are going to take a step back and look at the 7 mental health resolutions that came straight from a psychologist. 1. Exercise - don’t set an extreme body weight goal but... Continue Reading →

Positive New Years

Hey, Fashom world! As this year is winding down, I know one of our favorite things to do is make a new year's resolutions. Which is great! But sometimes we shoot for the stars and then are disappointed when we don’t see what we want to happen. Pop sugar released 12 ways for a body-positive... Continue Reading →

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