I live in my yoga pants. You should be able to also

Yoga pants–aside from its traditional purpose of meditation and exercise–has become a staple in a woman’s closet as a go-to for comfort. Throw them on for class, hang out with friends, a day of errands, or casual family time. Every woman has the right to wear comfortable clothing.

We love tiny women in leggings.

We love curvy women in leggings.

So why do some people take an issue to “larger” women in leggings?

Why people body- shaming other people?

We should love ALL WOMEN in leggings.

Kelly Markland posted a photo with her daughter in matching blue floral leggings.


She received a letter in the mail containing this disturbingly unkind note:


Kelly was devastated, as any person would be.

There are many Instagram and Twitter accounts such as #leggingsfail that mock women in leggings because apparently unless you have a perky and perfect booty to be whistled at, you shouldn’t be wearing leggings. 

After Kelly posted the photo, all of her co-workers showed up the next day wearing leggings in solidarity.

Women wearing yoga pants performing the art of yoga are also body shamed and told they don’t have “yoga bodies.”

This is the Barbie Yogini and “Curvy Girl Yoga”


This is ynameisjessamyn



Their Instagram posts look pretty flexible and skilled in the art. And even if they weren’t professionals, everyone has the right to express themselves, wear what they want, and walk with confidence without any person trying to body shame them. 

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Source: Metro.co.uk

Written by Shivana Khatod

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