Positive New Years

Hey, Fashom world!

As this year is winding down, I know one of our favorite things to do is make a new year’s resolutions. Which is great! But sometimes we shoot for the stars and then are disappointed when we don’t see what we want to happen. Pop sugar released 12 ways for a body-positive resolution.

1. Meditate once a week – finding time for yourself is extremely important and if you keep adding this to your weekly routine it will help tremendously.

Lotus position on the edge of a cliff

2. Outfits – buy yourself something that makes you feel amazing. Don’t care about what anyone else thinks about it, buy it for you and you only!


3. Recipe – find new healthy recipes and master them


4. Compliments – give yourself a daily compliment, no matter how small. You will start to buy in and truly be positive all the time.


5. Water – track your water intake every day for a month and take notes on how you feel when you’re more hydrated. You will notice things like mood improvement and more energy than other days.


6. Selfie – upload a selfie of yourself on Instagram for no reason


7. Celebrate – always celebrate your own beauty and don’t compare your looks to anyone else. That is true body positivity and confidence.


8. Self-care – plan a day for just you. A massage, a face mask, a yoga class? Anything to where it is just you and you can be one with yourself.


9. Judging – make it your first thing on the to-do list this year to stop critiquing and judging others, you will find that you will be even kinder to yourself too


10. Acknowledge – anytime you feel like you’ve taken a step back or went the wrong direction, let it go. Holding on to negativity can make you feel toxic and bring bad juju on your brain and body.


11. Workout – be active because you love your body not because you hate it. Find a workout this year that you love and makes YOU feel good about yourself. Even if it’s going on a walk with your dog, any form of active happiness helps.


Fashom would love to see all of our users take these 11 steps into action this year and truly love yourself. It is all about taking things one step at a time a believing in yourself.

Source: PopSugar

Written by Alexa Peters

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