Take Care of your mind

Hey Fashom world, and Happy New Year! As we all know, the whole world strives to have the best New Years resolution. Today we are going to take a step back and look at the 7 mental health resolutions that came straight from a psychologist.

1. Exercise – don’t set an extreme body weight goal but just exercise for a healthier you. You can improve your own health with just 12 minutes of exercise per week; how insanely easy is that?


2. Develop a Sense of Mastery – to avoid depression find accomplishment in the little things that surround you. It will make you feel better and you will start to achieve more.


3. Meditate – mental health is just as important as our physical health, you have to exercise your brain to have a healthy brain.


4. Happiness – Do what make you happy! It is a simple as that and you will tend to find a new hobby out of it!


5. Sleep – for full body recovery and to bounce away negative thoughts, catching some extra ZZZ’s here and there help out tremendously.


6. Vitamins – boost yourself with the things your body needs. Vitamin D and B are essential, and really help boost the immune system in the winter months.


7. Lend a Hand – help out and help those in need. It can improve your mood. Giving back is extremely helpful and humbling to the soul.


So instead of having a juristic New Years resolution, start small and look into yourself to find what you want for you. Start small and grow from there!

Source: PopSugar


Written By Alexa Peters

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