The best of body image

Hey, Fashom world!

We are all excited to jump head first right into 2017, there are still some amazing things to look back on. We are going to go back and go over the 7 body positivity greatness that happened this past year. This is something we need to take with us into the new year and make it even better!

1. Denise Bidot’s stretch marks – yes we said it, stretch marks. The beautiful model did a shoot for plus size store Lane Bryant and it was only the second time they posted the untouched images and showed her stretch marks. Proving that everyone out there has them. You go, girl!


2. Lorna Jane’s curvy model – a very stick to “their size” activewear label, got a big stir when they post an image of a curvy girl in their clothing.


3. Plus Size barbie – yes, the first one ever. Plus-size model Ashley Graham received her very own barbie, that was shaped just like her and her very first magazine cover.


4. Ronda Rousey – the MMA champion signed a deal with Pantene, showing “tomboys” across the world that they are just as beautiful as any girly girl, even if they know how to get dirty in the rings.


5. Victoria Secret Stretch Marks – Now when you think of VS you think of size 2 girls, that wouldn’t have stretch marks. Wrong! Angel, Jasmine Tookes, was posted with untouched photos and it showed her stretch marks. That even skinnier girls have stretch marks, they are a part of you, and they are beautiful.


6. Robyn Lawley challenges plus size – the new beauty and wellness ambassador came out and said that we shouldn’t be segregating any certain size. If size 14 is the national average people shouldn’t feel ashamed to be that size. That she personally feels healthy and natural at that size.


7. Chrissy Teigen – our favorite super model, came out and inspired us all with her post-baby body. Showing her stretch marks to the world and saying that the world’s post baby come back body is just TOO unrealistic.


These are all things we need to bring into 2017 and be proud of who we are no matter your shape, size, or gender. We at Fashom inspire to post motivational body positivity things to the app! We would love to see your thoughts.

Source: Marie Claire

Written by Alexa Peters

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