Misleading Photoshop

Hey, Fashom world!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for 2017 in full force. This past week there was an article published on yahoo sports home page by a fitness blogger. And she showed the whole world how misleading photoshop really can be.

This blogger stated a bunch of things about how harmful photoshop can be to our brains but she had some super strong body image things to say too. She stated that as long as she could remember she wanted a curvy, tiny waist. That she wanted to look like “every other girl.”


So she took the time to photoshop an image of herself flexing to the camera (where she already looks pretty darn good) and slightly made a change to the shape of her stomach and hips. Even though the change is slight, the side to side comparison is huge and it just shows how misleading photoshop can be.

She felt extremely guilty after creating the side to side and wanted to take a moment and realize how truly happy she is with herself. That she loves her body for what it is, and to try to change who you are by an Adobe application should never be a thing. So remember Fashom stars, you don’t need photoshop to be beautiful. You don’t need to change the way you look at a computers buttons to be able to fit in with society over social media. Believe in yourself and love you for you. Live by our moto her at Fashom, #NoFilter.


Source: Yahoo.com


Written by Alexa Peters


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