Woman Poses In Varying Pants Sizes To Make A Point About Body Image

Hey Fashom!

We all know when shopping, it can be difficult, when you feel like every stores sizes are different than the others. That your size 6 at American Eagle is a size 10 at Oldnavy. And this can be discouraging and make you not want to go to a certain store because you have to buy a “bigger” size. Wrong! Deena Shoemaker was going through her closet the other day, and we took a lot away from what she found.

Deena knows that she has been the same size her whole life and hasn’t really fluctuated in weight, but when she was cleaning out her closet she found that all of her pants/jeans were different sizes. She then posted a collage of pictures showing her size 4 through her size 12 and that she looks the exact same in all the jeans. This just proves that the number truly doesn’t matter.


The post went viral, stating that your size doesn’t determine your beauty; your life does. She wanted everyone to stop believing the social normative about who and what you should be to be accepted in a society. This is such a powerful message that we want all of our Fashom users to understand.


That no matter your size, you are loved and you are truly beautiful inside and out. To brush the 2016 socially acceptable stuff away and bring 2017 a new light of body positivity and love


Source: Huffington Post


Written by Alexa Peters


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