Ways To Be Content, Happy, and Satisfied With Your Life

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? From people who struggled to craft ways of survival to people who are actively setting rules of continued existence – humanity has become a tool of everything and nothing at the same time. And we’re happy, we really are. With all the achievements and progress, who wouldn’t be? But – paradoxically – we’re just as miserable. How come?

We seem to have everything but don’t have the time to enjoy it; we’ve burdened ourselves with unrealistic expectations that are heavy on the soul, mind, and body; we’ve buried ourselves in work to earn money and buy things we don’t really need, and – we’re continuously failing to spend time with people we love in the process. We’ve created our own doom, consciously, and it’s getting hard to come around.

Luckily, there’s a way out, and fast.
Here are just a few tips that will help you turn your life around, set real values and enjoy your days happily:

Evaluate your achievements


Stop for a second; breathe. Like most, you’re probably running a race with yourself, trying to do as much as possible in very little time. This time around, just stop. Write down everything you’ve achieved and everything you are really proud of yourself for. Acknowledge your own worth and be proud of yourself. And – don’t ever forget your own worth. 

A little exercise: Every morning after you wake up, take a look in the mirror and tell yourself “You are worthy, loved and amazing. You are your own star, you are meant for greatness.” Make it your personal mantra and you’ll see how wonderful you’ll start feeling.

Appreciate your body


The 21st century has brought about a very palpable anxiety linked to size and shape of the body, leading women to feel worthless, ugly and not good enough. Regardless of you having had babies or no, you need to stop the self-negative talk now! Your body is your own temple and you need to feel good living in it. Don’t let lingerie ads, catwalk models and all Kate Mosses of this world be parameters of the way you should be. You are you, you are gorgeous. Eat healthy, workout, move – not so you fit a standard, but just so you are healthy and in love with your reflection in the mirror.

Indulge your passions, wants and likes


When was the last time you’ve let yourself spend the money you’ve earned (on you), rest longer than an hour or two, enjoy someone takes care of your for a change? Ha, thought so!

Pen down massages, hair appointments, cosmeticians, mani-pedis, beauty salons, spas and all other forms of pampering in your calendar. Indulge in relaxing and someone making sure you’re okay. Don’t skip your pampering sessions! When you feel good and pretty, you ooze confidence and happiness and attract amazing things. Go shopping, or save a buck with discount clothing while shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Think about love


Love is the thing, you know? It always was and it always has been… why have we forgotten the joys of curling up to someone’s shoulder, falling asleep in someone’s arms, hugging someone so hard that their rib cage feels like it’s going to burst! Love is overwhelming and stimulating and yet – we’ve replaced it for everything else.

Make sure you find the time for everyone you love – from your significant other to your parents, best friends, neighbors you love your Sunday coffees with… Spark up your social calendar and don’t let solid relationships lose foundation. Schedule brunches, movie nights, lunch dates, galleries, gatherings at your or your friends’ house… anything that will keep the spirit of love alive and make you happy and satisfied! For love to grow – you need to grow it. Do it for yourself and you’ll see an immediate improvement in your life.

It’s very simple, all of it; all it takes is a determination to be happy and your life will take a whole different spin, leaving you satisfied, content and joyful!

Written by Tracey Clayton


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