Priyanka-“If we all dressed in the same trends and held the same purse, then that’s not fashion.”

Meet Priyanka: A ambitious young fashionista

Fashom: Where do you currently live?

Priyanka: I currently live in Houston, TX.

Fashom: What do you do for a living?

Priyanka: I am an Electrical Quality Engineer. I work in the field and wear a hard hat, steel toe boots, and safety glasses. Not exactly glamorous! But I love to discover this side of myself and love what I do.


Fashom: What’s your general sense of style/fashion like? Do you stick to a particular kind of dressing – either feminine or masculine or do you experiment with both? 

Priyanka: I would describe my sense of style as eclectic/unique. I don’t stick to a particular style because that limits my self-expression. One day I will be rocker chick in a leather skirt and the next day I will do 60s mod with a vintage dress. I dress depending on my mood and I am a chameleon when it comes to my style!

Fashom: How much do you think the social norms and mainstream media have constrained people from expressing themselves through their looks?

Priyanka: I think it only constraints us if we let it constrain us. The social and mainstream media loves to tell us to look a certain way or dress in top trends or who is wearing what. If we all dressed in the same trends and held the same purse, then that’s not fashion. One of my style icons, Iris Apfel, puts it correctly. “Fashion you can buy but the style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and above all, attitude.”


Fashom: How did you overcome such constraints? What can people do to overcome these constraints?

Priyanka: I grew up in a small town in South India and I had to overcome several constraints to be where I am today. I am an independent woman with a high level education and I express myself with fashion. I would say to those who want to overcome hurdles in their life, to be honest and brave. Nothing better that combo to break through and achieve what you want!


Fashom: How do you deal with criticism from others?

Priyanka: Criticism can be good and bad. You take what’s good and filter out the bad. At the end of the day, the true critic is you. If you are happy with your choices whether it be in life, fashion or love, you have made it.

Fashom: What was the best advice you ever received about being true to yourself?

Priyanka: One of the people I admire most is my grandmother. She always used to say that strength is not something you are born with. You cultivate it. You learn from your experiences and build yourself up. Every day I wake up, I think about this, I dress myself to represent the strong and confident woman that I am.

pic1FashomWhat is your favorite aspect about Fashom?

Priyanka: I was immediately drawn to Fashom because it highlighted everyone regardless of their country, style, body shape or color. It provided a universal platform where you can showcase your style whilst promoting strong messages about body confidence and self-love. We need more of this in today’s world.


Fashom: Where is your favorite place to shop for clothing at?

Priyanka: I love shopping at vintage stores and antique shops. You find one of the kind pieces and can never go wrong with an exquisitely tailored 60s mod dress!

Fashom: Favorite Fashion trend?

Priyanka: I would have to pick Velvet! I love that velvet is back in fashion! From 20’s and 70s and now again! Loving it!


Fashom: Who are your Fashion Icons?

Priyanka:  fashion icons are Iris Apfel and Leandra Cohen, Founder of ManRepeller. I have learned some of the greatest lessons from these ladies and of course my grandmother who is the most fashionable person I know!

Fashom: Any message you would like to send out to the world?

Priyanka: Fashion is personal and it is a reflection of who you are. Don’t let anyone put you in a box or tell you what to and what not to wear.

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Written by Raven Davis

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