How to combat negative body image talk

Let’s get real here, Everybody has bad days where he or she does not feel so great about their bodies for one reason or another. The fat shaming or negative body talk can come from  you talking about yourself or someone shaming another person. We at Fashom want to help you to feel more confident in your own skin. Also, we want to help people to stop body shaming others.

Here are some ways to help get rid of negative body image:


  1. The root of the negative comment

Finding out what is the root of the negative comment is so important. Is the person coming from a health related standpoint or are they just simply being mean.


2.  Don’t give the comment life

When a bad body image comment is said don’t dwell on it. When one dwells on something so negative it gives it life & purpose.  Putting yourself down or someone else is no way to live your life.


3. Low key stop the shameful comment

When a bad comment enters your mind about yourself or another person ignore it. Don’t give the comment power. You will slowly bring yourself down to a negative place. Instead, say or think something positive.

We at Fashom want to challenge you & your friends to only talk positivity for the next week & see what a big impact it will have on you!


Source: Refinery29


Written by Raven Davis

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