Sports Illustrated first time features non-models for swimsuits

When thinking about swimsuit models, the first thing pops up would be a super model with a perfect figure. But the recent ads for All’s swimsuits on Sports Illustrated uses daily normal ladies from different age and race living it up in their bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. And it’s actually the first time that Sports Illustrated features nonmodels.


Using everyday ladies as swimsuit models would be the perfect way to convey its new campaign” Every Body, Every Age, Every Beautiful”. Also, it’s also a kind of winning that the world finally accepts everybody can be beautiful no matter what age or body.


From the picture we can see, they look incredibly great in the swimsuits. Although they do not have the “perfect” bodies, they are still the most wonderful ladies because they are positive and confident, proud of what they truly are.


Stop worrying about the unnoticeable weight you gain after winter, just put on your favorite swimsuit and get ready to hug the sunshine on the beach. We are on Fashom, looking forward to seeing your swimsuit fashion.

Source: PopSugar

Written by: Kay Kwok

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