Models in Sports Illustrated showcasing their strench marks!

Hi Fashom fan,

For many couples of years, Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition is always famous for its hot and sexy bikini models. Undoubtedly, the magazine always uses famous models that look perfect, unflawed and incredible.

This year, however, SI started to use daily-life ladies as their models, following their new ads that speak to women in all size. After Ashley Graham, who is filmed with women from different races and ages, Denise Bidot became the next, who is not a traditional bikini model because of her “plus-size” and stretch marks front and center.


With the taglines “My Confidence” and “Inspired by #ThisBody” ran across the page, you can feel so powerful the reminder is to embrace the body you have, including your size, your skin tone, and even your blemishes.


It’s been years that we are influenced by the magazine and the media about the perfect shape, and it’s time we should embrace a more real and positive fashion trend. So do you. Stop following the “trend” to go after the ideal figure, and love what you look like.

We are in Fashom, always here encouraging you to stay body positive. Looking forward to seeing your positive and confident picture.


Source: PopSugar

Written by: Kay Kwok

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