Expanding the beauty norm in China with a plus-size model

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Following Ashley Graham appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine and Sports Illustrate, the boundaries of the definition of size in fashion has caught people’s attention again.


Actually, in recent years, the plus-size model industry is emerging in China, and getting more popularity already. This indeed shows the public tolerance for diversity in fashion has grown, and people no longer think fashion is “skinny beauty only”.

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Cai Jingwen, a 23-year-old plus-size model, would never think she could be a model with a plus figure before. She still remembers the first day of shooting that she stood in front of the mirror crying, and couldn’t accept her appearance and continued to think of herself as ugly.

But the photographer told her what the real beauty was and helped her to get more confident about herself. “This job really changed my life. It changes the way I see myself and gives me the opportunity to explore different possibilities,” Cai said. Now she is very confident and passionate about her life.  “Being a plus-size model doesn’t mean you have an excuse to put on weight. You should still have a healthy lifestyle, but you don’t need to force yourself to be something you are not.”


Although plus-size models are only used for online brand, considering the great need for plus-size clothing in the vast global market, the future is still bright. As you can see, the “mean” fashion industry is changing its attitude to embrace people in all size. There is no reason for you to keep worrying about your size. It’s time to accept it and love it.

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Source: GlobalTimes

Written by: Kay Kwok

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