Tierra “I want everybody to know that they are beautiful, they are worth it and they are enough and don’t let anybody tell you any different!”

Meet Tierra, Inspiring everyone with her confidence & style!
1.      I am currently a quality control specialist for a major insurance company full time, a part time student majoring in Liberal Studies and a part time blogger.
2.     My fashion style is really versatile.  On either day of week you can see me in a pair heels and a cute dress or that same dress with a cute pair of canvas sneakers. I have a good mix between comfortable and chic. I would say my style is more feminine mixed with a masculine accents. I don’t discriminate when it comes to shopping if I see something in the means department I buy it.
3.     I definitely think that social media, mainstream media, and society try to put constraints on people and their fashion style especially for a plus size woman such as myself. The media and society always try to put people in a box based off what they think is expectable for them.
4.     How do I overcome the constraints? I wear whatever I want to wear. As long as I feel good and comfortable in it then I wear it. I don’t worry about others think about me.
5.     My blog. My baby. I was inspired to create my blog after many women would stop me while I was out and about. They would say how nice I looked and how they wish they had the confidence to wear certain things and I would tell them they could.
6.     Now if we are talking about negative criticism I honestly ignore it. When I first starting blogging it would really bother me. When internet trolls called my fat or told me I looked terrible or told me I shouldn’t be wearing what I was because of my size I would get so upset.  After a few months of blogging though, I decided that I couldn’t care what other thought. I looked good and I felt good why allow what people I don’t even know steal my fashion joy.
7.     “Remember that God made you just the way you are and you don’t have to change for anybody.”
8.     I have downloaded the app but haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it but I do like the style of the day. I would like to see where people got outfits from.
9.     I want everybody to know that they are beautiful, they are worth it and they are enough and don’t let anybody tell you any different! You are worth everything that you think you are. You are enough and shouldn’t change for anybody. You are beautiful just the way you are. 

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