Dove is celebrating 60 years of empowering women

Hi Fashom,

I believe that everybody has ever heard or seen Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, and this year is Dove’s 60th anniversary. Over these years, Dove has been trying to find the real beauty all around the world to embrace their uniqueness and difference.


In one session called Beauty Bias, there is a video about women height. Some girls in about 5 feet were interviewed about their life, and obviously, they came across many difficulties with finding jobs and meeting boyfriends. It’s also said that taller women would have a higher salary. However, those “short” girls didn’t devalue themselves, and they still stayed positive instead. They always believe that salary is decided by their working performance and they could earn it by working hard even if they are shorter than “standard”.


There should not be any so-called standard for beauty. Beauty standard is just a form of bias. Everybody is a beauty as long as she believes so. Being beauty is not about body shape, height or hairstyle, it’s all about inside, your attitude, your thoughts. ##BetterAsIAm

Source: Telegraph

Written by: Kay Kwok

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