Geek style has never been so chic

Hey Fashom fan,

Over many years, geek style still remains a fashion trend. Here are some tips for you to be geek but chic the same time.

Wear your modest skirts. Don’t wear your hot short skirts if you want to appear to be geek because that would be too trendy. Be sure that the skirts are around knee, either little bit shorter or longer. Also, A-line, pleated, or pencil skirts blend perfectly with the geek chic look.

nullChange your socks. Sometimes a new pair of socks can largely change your style! To be a geek, ankle-length bobby socks and over-the-knee pair would be good choices. Also, socks with frocks would be another good match for geek chic.

nullPrinted Top with inside jokes. Don’t choose very trendy sexy tops, simple is the best for geek chic. Choose t-shirts with jokes from popular music, movies and comics which would definitely separate you from the crowded world.

nullPay attention to the footwear. Sneakers are good match to geek style, especially Converse. Also, Oxford blends perfectly as well. Remember to avoid high heels and flashy shoes.

nullDon’t forget accessories. A pair of stylish glasses are a must because they are the foundation of a geek look. Make sure it fits your facial shape and complements your beauty. Nonprescription glasses are available for those with perfect vision. Besides, other geeky accessories would enhance your style; choose some interesting accessories to match your style theme. Let your creativities flows!

Shoot us your geek chic picture with the hashtag #GeekFashom!

Source: laurenconrad; wikihow

Written by: Kay Kwok

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