Body Positive move to show that you can love your thighs no matter the size.

Hi fashom world,

We would like to share a story of a girl with you. Brittany Gibbons was afraid to show others her thighs that she pretended her period during swimming classes and wore jeans the whole summer when she was young, because she received many bad malicious words about her thighs. And she felt sorry about her thighs and her figure. But now she has changed. “I feel you because I remember being you. But I am not you anymore.” Brittany said in her blog.


As time went by, she stopped feeling apologized about her thighs, but grateful instead. She thank her strong thighs comfortably bounced three babies into fits of laughter and held her in the place when her the kids crashed into her after school, and she appreciate them caught her iPhone before it fell into the toilet. “I had become a thick-thighed, wanton goddess, drunk on wine and body love.”


When you make peace with your body image and worry no more, you would find how much time you free up and how much time you have been wasting before. Being slim is not the only standard; there are still more high values for all of you, and those values are determined by you not by the skinny pants and dresses. #bodypositive

We are on fashom, stop worrying about your size and stay body positive.


Written by: Kay Kwok

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