Social Pressure from Instagram

Instagram is definitely one of the hottest social networking apps these days, used by millions of people who are eager to share photos and videos with their beloved followers. Everything seems so perfect and flawless there, but is that really a true picture of people’s lives? If you’re intrigued, stay with us and find out how to deal with social pressure imposed by the social media.


Nothing is perfect, even though it seems so

We’re all witnesses to thousands of stunning photos which depict people’s perfect lives that feature luxury, impeccable meals, expensive drinks, flawless bodies, and heavenly clothes. People are giving their best to compete with each other when it comes to extravagant lifestyle, which makes us all wonder – is everything as perfect as it seems? In the era of fashion blogging, where successful young people seem to have it all, nothing is as easy and luxurious as we think. Not many people realize that there’s the other side of the coin, less perfect and glamorous.


Do people really feel pressure imposed by the social media?

The truth is that people, especially teenagers, feel immense pressure imposed by the social media. The expectations are too high, which actually raised the bar to a whole new level when it comes to immaculate Instagram posts. Even though giving people a glimpse into your life is completely okay, it can quickly transform into a never-ending game of taking countless photos until you find the appropriate one, and then editing it obsessively on several apps. Social approval is what teenagers and young adults are seeking for, and it can be really depressing if it misses out.


Are those flawless photos realistic?

Hundreds of flawless photos that flood your Instagram feed on a daily basis can definitely be misleading – using Photoshop and/or a bunch of other apps, as well as adding numerous filters is everything but realistic. Young people feel pressure to look fantastic or appear in a certain way, which is exactly why you can often see a group of people in a restaurant maniacally taking photos of their plates from every possible angle. Some of them even stand on their chair to make sure everything on their table looks fabulous, which is a bit too much.

Irrational beauty standards lead to a bad state of mind

Besides being misleading and unrealistic, those photoshopped photos set irrational beauty standards the majority of girls and boys simply can’t keep up with. Body shaming is, unfortunately, a burning issue when talking about social media, simply because people can’t live up to great expectations. The truth is that Instagram affects our self-esteem more than we can imagine, and here’s one example. If you’re having a breakout or a bad hair day, you obviously won’t post a selfie, right? On the other hand, when you’re feeling and looking good, you’re highly likely to post a photo right away. Do you see a difference?


The importance of Instagram in the fashion industry

Instagram plays an important role in the fashion industry as well, since we’re expected to dress in a certain way and get particular must-haves as soon as possible. Influencers and bloggers from all over the globe are a crucial part of the machinery since they’re the ones who dictate the fashion trends and decide what’s hot and what’s not. That’s exactly why more and more people are looking for inexpensive clothes that are Instagram-friendly at the same time. For example, if Kylie Jenner shows up in a gorgeous Balmain dress, everyone will want to have it, but not many can afford it. That’s exactly why finding dresses for sale has become an imperative – looking good definitely has its price, but there’s always a way to save some money, too.

As you can see, people from all over the globe, and especially teens, are experiencing immense social pressure these days. Just one photo or a quote may be enough to either boost their self-esteem or make them feel bad about themselves. This kind of interaction in a virtual world can indeed be a double-edged sword since counting likes can both damage young people’s psyche and recover it. Just stop doing that and you’ll feel much better!

As unrealistic beauty standards take over social media & the fashion industry, there is one place where diversity is celebrated & no filters are encouraged that place is on FASHOM!

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