Beauty hacks for girls with glasses

Hi Fashom fan,

More and more people need to wear glasses because of myopia, and most of women feel like they look less attractive with glasses. This is not the real case! Here are some tips for you to look perfect when wearing glasses.


When it comes to shadow, the lighter and more neutral the color on the lid, the better it would be. So you should definitely save the bright and cool colors for the lips when you wear glasses because these shades would magnify dark undertones around the eyes, making you look tired and swollen.


Eyeliner is always the weapon to light up your eyes. In order to make your line visible, try to choose a color that is at least a shade or two lighter than dark frames, and make sure to fill in those tiny spaces in between lashes. Another trick would be to adjust the liners based on your style of glasses: the thicker your frames, the thicker your liner should be. This trick would ensure that your specs won’t overpower your eyes.


Don’t forget your lashes! It’s important even if you are wearing glasses. Remember to curl and comb lashes for optimal definition before using the mascara to the top, and you should separate any clumps with your comb while the mascara is still wet.


Attention would be focus on your eyes since you are wearing glasses, so you’d better to keep the rest of your face simple and clean. You should prevent makeup from swearing underneath your glasses, and you can apply some yellow-bases concealer under your eye because the shadow made by frames. But remember a rule: less is more.

We are on fashom, can wait for your lovely pictures with glasses!

Source: LorealParisUSA

Written by: Kay Kwok

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