Love Yourself First

Culturally, in the United States, there has always been large emphasizes on how “beautiful” or “handsome” individuals should physically look. Ideally, for women, it’s preferred for their physiques to be slender with a busy chest and a large bottom. For mean, it is ideal for them to all around have a muscular physique – chest to bottom. These standards for one’s beauty have been heavily portrayed by celebrities through the media and their various platforms and has shaped how people view what a beautiful body is.

Those that have a voice have decided to stand up and speak out against the ideal beauty culture that America has created for today’s society. We all can recall Ben Yahr, the Los Angeles-based actor and singer infamously recreated Beyoncé’s iconic pregnancy photos when she stunned the world by announcing she was pregnant with twins. Well, Yahr is back and has manifested a beautiful music video called the “Shape of You” to promote and bring awareness to self-love and body positivity. Yahr sings in the video “I want the whole damn world to know that I am filled with body pride. Perfect composition, my curves, and blemishes, yeah I’m working all the pieces I’ve got.”



The media has become prominent in shaping the culture of Americans through its continuous exposure what the “ideal” beauty is and what the “standard” body shape should be for both females and males. However, it is important to remember that the media doesn’t follow the average person, so therefore their ideal view of beauty isn’t reality.

Fashom is here to say that men and women of all shapes, sizes, and colors are beautiful. We want to continuously encourage both men and women to love their bodies and themselves on the inside and out.Written by Darean Rhodes

Written by Darean Rhodes

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