This positive activist is setting high standards for Yoga and we are in awe!

Hi Fashom,

Greetings for the coming summer time! I bet most of you like Yoga, and regard Yoga as a way to stay fit. But how many of you think that Yoga is only for skinny people? Then let us show you Jessamyn Stanley, a body positive advocator and Yoga instructor.


Most people get shocked by her Yoga pictures, wondering how a fat woman is able to do that difficult stretch. But Jessamyn’s Instagram proved that her body shape cannot hinder her ability to take part in any form of physical activity, and there are a lot of people including some expert Yoga communities getting inspired and encouraged by her story.


Actually, Jessamyn would sometimes look at herself and think “Oh, my belly is there and it is fat!”, but she realizes that she can be extremely strong and able to hold the even though her belly is here. She is still fit and capable to do anything.


There’s a major disconnect in our society between what people can do and what we show people that they can do, and there are always some people who are judging others that are trying, based on their bodies. But they should not be the reason why you devalue yourself, and everyone can be who they want to be, no matter what size.

We are on Fashom, always hope to see your positive pictures and posts!

Source: longevitylive

Written by: Kay Kwok

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