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Hi, My name is Sarah! I am a mother of two almost grown daughters, wife of 10 plus years to my match in every way. I am a scary dog mom to two wonderful shelter pups that chose us to be their forever family. I work full time, although not in the fields I write about (at all) and someday I hope to make this hobby (my blog and writing in general) a full-time gig. My husband pups and I live in a Suburb in Northern CA, and I was raised as a very traditional Berkeley hippie, I have a garden in my front yard, a compost bin, I really do like granola and I love walking barefoot, I celebrate the seasons changing as much as I do the 4th of July and Christmas and believe a good house smudging from time to time is good for both the house and your soul. Now add in a love of beauty, makeup, fashion and nice things, and you have the paradox that is my life.

FASHOM: Where do you live?

Sarah: I live in the Bay Area – Specifically in San Pablo a suburb about 30 miles from San Francisco.

FASHOM: What do you do for a living?

Sarah: I am an Administrative Assistant for a large Telecommunications company – which really means I do whatever my boss needs me to do, mostly in HR and Payroll.

FASHOM: Favorite makeup item?

Sarah: My Favorite makeup item is a good concealer, it forgives the sins of a long night and under eye luggage, let’s you get away with those nights you didn’t wash your makeup off and if used properly can highlight areas you want to accent and draw the eye away from what you don’t want people to notice, if you have nothing else, you can create a clean slate with a little concealer and good lighting – lol

Fashom: 3 go-to makeup looks for any occasion

Sarah: I need to make one small caveat before I start this portion of the post, I am a makeup girl – my daily routine includes, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlighter, some sort of lippie and an eye look.  It may be more that some might want but you could totally scale back any of these looks to suit your fancy.  These three looks are part of my work rotation, sometimes I’ll play them up a little more in the evening if we’re going out to dinner, and I have worn the 3rd look on the weekend for brunch with friends more than a few times. Each look starts off with the following:


Foundation – Tarte – Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation – light sand

Concealer – Nars – Radiant Creamy Concealer – Vanilla

Brows – Benefit – Precisely, My Brow Pencil in #3 and Gimme Brow in light medium

Blush- Morphe – 9N palette – and it varies depending on my mood

Primer – Almay – Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer

Mascara – Tarte – Maneater

Eye Primer – NYX proof-it

Under eye base – Tony Moly – Brightening Eye Base

look 1


I wear this look regularly to work and add up some drama if I’m going out in the evening, the eye shadow is from NYX’s Lid Lingerie palette and I use shade 1 all over the lid, 5 as the transition and 3 and 4 mixed together slightly in the out V. Pair it with Kat Von D’s tattoo liner in Mad Max Brown and you have a very nice neutral eye for the office.  This lip is from Stila – Stay All Day liquid lip in Fresco.

look 2

This is my 2nd go-to look for the office, I have smoked this out when I’m feeling like I need a little more sass and have played it down when I just need a little pick me up for my eyes. I used Urban Decay’s Gwen Stefani palette,  I start with Skimp all over the lid, Anaheim as the transition and Serious with just a smidge of Blackout for the outer V.  I generally blend everything together to get a nice transition between the colors, then pick up a little more of Serious and tap it back on the outer V for a little more definition. I used Kat Von D’s tattoo liner in trooper just along the lash line for this look.  As an added bonus if you’re feeling a little feisty, take a little bit of serious and black and smudge it along with your lower water/lash line and blend blend, blend for a subtle smoky look. This lip is again from Stila – Stay all day liquid lip in Bacca.

look 3

This is my running late, 5 minute eye routine, I blend the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Copper all over the lid, fatten out the eyeliner, again Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner in Mad Max Brown, throw on a ton of Maneater mascara, and a swipe of color on the lips from Clinique almost lipstick in Black Honey.

Fashom: Favorite makeup brand?

Sarah: Right now I’m in love with Tarte Cosmetics on a whole, I live in their foundation -Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation – in Light Sand, their mascara is the only thing that doesn’t make me want to rip my lashes out by the end of they day (my eyes are very sensitive), their Maracuja oil is a great moisturizer at night and I use it to keep my scalp happy in the winter by massaging it in just before I wash it.   I have other favorites but, to keep this short – if you’re looking for a more natural skin care line and makeup that will make your skin better by using it, definitely try Tarte.

Thank’s for hanging out with me today if your interested in following me here’s all my information

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