Student ID Shopping

This is for all you college fashionista’s that are looking for an awesome deal. A big perk that nobody knows about, is that plastic card that gets you in and out of buildings at school, yes your school ID card, can get you way more than just easy access to campus buildings. Your student card can get you discounts and shoppings sprees at some of your favorite stores. So instead of the sweatsuit and coffee mug get up every day for class, spruce up your wardrobe with some hot discounts. And make sure to take full advantage before that four-year card expires.

Here are some stores that give you the hottest deals:


Ann Taylor – you can get up to 15% off full-price items store wide, and even online if you register for a UNiDAYS account.


Club Monaco – a sweet offer of 20% of full-price items and sale merchandise to all college students.


Jack Wills – another 15% off items in store only with a valid student identification card.

Now those are just some of the hot discounts you can get as a college student, never be afraid to ask your local clothing and/or retail store if they have a discount even if you can’t find any info on it.

So get out there Fashom college users, before you know it you’ll be graduated and the discount will be gone!

If you purchase clothing from these awesome retailers make sure to share it on FASHOM!

Source: Refinery29

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