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We are happy to announce that we have brand new stylist feature on our Fashom app! You can send your fashion concerns to any stylist you like and ask them for customized fashion tips. Based on your detailed information, your preferred style, they would provide you with useful and affordable suggestions.

For example, you bought a very elegant slip dress but you think it’s too elegant to dress it on daily occasions. Come to our stylists for help!


With different matches, the slip dress can be in different styles!

For brunch with a close friend, you would never want to dress too formal so a white t-shirt would be your good choice. Easy and simple look for the weekend!

If you are a cool girl, feel free to add a jacket and wear sneakers. Who says that you cannot wear slip dress and sneaker at the same time? Break the rules!


For a more formal occasion like in the workplace, don’t worry; you can still dress this slip dress following our fashion matching tips. Wearing a solid color sweater inside and adding a long suit, you are the queen in the professional place.


The weekend is the party time! Simple is the best, just wear the dress and your favorite heels, but don’t forget accessories; a shining necklace can increase your charm for sure.


Attracted by our useful stylist feature, download our Fashom app in your App Store or Google Play. Feel free to ask our stylists any questions on fashion!

Written by: Kay Kwok

Source: WhoWhatWear

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