Meet Fashom Stylist Helen From Aussie

FASHOM: Where do you live?

Helen: Melbourne, Australia.

FASHOM: What do you do for a living?

Helen: Personal Styling/Image Consulting/Bridal Styling/Wedding Dress Designer (Styling with Helen and Helena Bridal Studio)

FASHOM: What are some bold colors that every fashionista must have in your closet?

Helen: Burgundy, red, shades of blue, green and yellow.

FASHOM: What are your 3 favorite colorful outfits?

FASHOM: What are some misconceptions about wearing colorful clothing?

Helen: Over the last 17 years of dressing men and women of all ages and sizes I have notices one trend – many of us always dress in black, brown, navy, white and grey. We seem to be scared to wear color and there are some common misconceptions about it:

  • If I wear bright colors to work I won’t be taken seriously

REALITY: Bright colors are on-trend and can actually look quite elegant. The most important things are to keep accessories and make up neutral and let the clothes do the talking. Black, grey, brown and navy this is what the work wear color palette usually consists of. May I suggest that you bring some color into your work life? Experiments with bright colors like pinks, yellows, blues, and greens are becoming increasingly popular at work and business. Research shows, that colors not only help you communicate better but it brings in a confident and positive attitude.

  • I can choose only one bright color for my outfit

REALITY: Clothing and accessories don’t have to be and shouldn’t be the same color. They can be different textures, patterns and even different colors/shades of colors that just blend well together. You can look great in a dress or a shirt that features two or even three bright colors, as long as the colors are broken up into patterns.Prints not only bring out a fun element in your personality but overall create the impression that you’re an approachable and an easy to talk to a person.

Tips on how to wear color every day:

  • Match the brights with neutrals:

One great way to show off a bold choice in color is to pair it with your most favorite neutrals – shades of black, brown, tan, ivory, white or grey.

So, if you have decided to wear bright blue heels to work, pair it with a light-colored sheath dress and a neutral handbag.

  • Pair bold colors with dark shades:

This is another fashion secret, which makes your bright focal points stand out. If you can match your brights with dark colors tastefully, it will make you look elegant, as well as bold at the same time. For instance, if you have decided to wear a blouse in a bright shade of green, it will go very well with a dark chocolate pencil skirt and matching heels.

  • Black is not the only dark color:

Naturally, black is the first color that comes to mind when you think about dark shades. But may I suggest to pair your bright garment equally well with a dark chocolate, navy blue, and burgundy?The idea is not to let any one neutral shade become your go-to color and experiment a little, and you will be surprised to find how much more versatility you can add to your bright garments.

  • Brights in accessories:

Another tip on wearing bright colors is to choose colorful accessories. Necklaces, earrings, handbags, belt and shoes usually take up to 5-10% of your outfit, which means a dash of color can add a little magic to boring garments without feeling overwhelmed.You may feel like you look plain in your old black dress or jeans and white t-shirt, but it is a real wonder how a little bit of bright color can change the way you look.Why I consider this one of the most important tips on wearing bright colors, is because accessories in a woman’s wardrobe that can enhance her looks and help “loose” 2 sizes instantly. Ultimately, other than these tips on wearing bright colors, the best advise I can give you is to free your mind and allow yourself to experiment. At the end of the day, no one knows what you can carry off better than you.The best looks in bright colors have always been discovered by people who gave themselves the freedom to experiment and have fun!

FASHOM: How’s the fashion different in Australia than what you see in America?

There are a few major differences in fashion between Australia and America:

  • Modern Australia has a unique fashion style that is able to be clearly distinguished from European fashion lines. Whereas European fashion has a more tailored approach, Australian fashion has a more casual approach. The contemporary fashion industry in Australia has really only developed an individual identity in the past 20 years.
  • Australian fashion is in a unique position, with approximately 85% of its industry representation being small to medium businesses.
  • Many of Australia’s top designers have been inspired by an extraordinary range of Australian fashion textiles, cultural influences and breathtaking local landscapes.
  • The choice of color and cloth in combination with an outdoors life and a ‘greater freedom’ with which Australians express themselves has contributed greatly to an Australian sense of fashion, in the cut and garment types.
  • Due to the lack of imported hats and the need to wear a hat in hot climate areas, cabbage palm hats were also a popular item of early Australian dress. These hats are significant as the only distinctive item of Australian dress made entirely from Australian materials, with the plaiting often done by local Aboriginal groups.
  • Australians take casual wear to a whole new level. You may notice students barefoot in class, and in large multi-million dollar companies, your boss might come to work wearing board shorts. They do dress up in the cities but in smaller towns, it’s an anything goes attitude. Active wear is to be seen everyone – at school’s pick ups and drop offs, shopping centers, cafes and just in the city center.



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