The perfect day to night make up looks

Hi Fashom fans,

Do you ever feel confused how to change a daily make-up into night, and you don’t much time to redo it. Here are some tips for you to quickly and easily to refresh your makeup, and make it more charming.

Change your lipstick color

Introduce a bold lipstick, and you are ready for the night! I know people would like to use more gentle color during work, but nighttime party is good place to use your bold red, purple lipstick. And it’s the easiest way to transition from day to night.


Darken your eye-makeup

Add darker color to the lid using color like brown, deep red or even black. Add more mascara to make your eyes shining. Don’t forget your eyeliner; a cat eye would be perfect for party.


Use your fingers

I understand sometimes you don’t carry your whole set of brushes after work. But don’t worry! You can always use your fingers to help. Add some shadow and darker liner to the bottom lash line, and smudge with the fingertip. That’s simple!


Is it simple to transition from day to night makeup? We are on fashom, shoot us your party make-up or outfit!

Source: babble

Written by: Kay Kwok

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