RompHim- Rompers for men

RompHim – The Latest Menswear Revolution

This summer’s latest leader in the revolution against the stifling menswear industry is definitely a gamechanger. As fashion lovers, we have seen it all at Fashom, at least we thought so. Men in heels? Men in skirts? Men in dresses? Close, but not quite. The latest buzz throughout social media and the fashion world is men in rompers.

Yes, we are talking about men donning the shirt-short, one-piece look usually dedicated to womenswear racks every spring. According to their Kickstarter page, RompHim all started when a group of business school friends were sitting around having drinks and discussing menswear options. Out of this discussion emerged rompers for men and a plan to make it happen. These business gurus teamed up with Aced Design out of Chicago to make a one-piece romper with a button up front, deep pockets, and a zipper to make using the restroom convenient.

What we love most about this revolutionary garment is that the Aced team has considered men of all shapes and sizes. “Instead of giving only garment measurements, we have created recommended ranges based on your height, chest size, and waist size of your favorite pair of pants,” reads their startup page. If the fit still isn’t all you want it to be after these considerate measurements, don’t fret. The RompHim product also features an adjustable waist for a more ‘tapered fit’.

Backed by 1,310 people with $145,000+ pledged to its name, (compared to its $10,000 goal), the RompHim is an instant success despite its early criticisms. Pledge $95 or more and get one for yourself by August opposed to a $119 retail price at its launch.

Rompers on men will have its adjustment period, and of course there will be critics. But here at Fashom, we say let the revolution live on. Being comfortable in your own skin is our main focus, and pushing the boundaries of fashion with RompHim is just another cherry on top.

Written by Martin Lang

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