Get some Hijab style inspirations from Shazia


Fashom: Where do you live?

I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

Fashom: What do you do for a living?

I am a lecturer in Early Education and Childcare at a further education college.

Fashom: Fashom loves to promote uniqueness in everyone’s style. We love the way you dress up with your scarf and would love to know more about how you got started with showcasing your personal style?

I started showcasing my personal style as soon as I learned how to sow my own clothes and earn my own money to buy what I wanted. I have always had a love for fashion and makeup. In particular, I love South Asian fashion and so it has always been an important part of my wardrobe. I love the variety and uniqueness of South Asian fashion in that no two shops will sell the same outfit or material. There is so much variety which makes the shopping experience exciting and your own wardrobe differs from everybody else’s. I also love to sow my own clothes so that I can wear outfits that incorporate the Islamic requirements for dressing modestly such as wearing items that are loose and long enough to cover your body. Sowing my own clothes also means that I can create pieces that are unique to me and my style. Another woman can buy the same fabric from the same shop as me but my outfit will still be different from hers because I made it according to my personal style. In terms of Western fashion, I love to wear long shirts with trousers or jeans. I think it makes such a pretty and modern look but modest at the same time. I also love to wear long tunics as they create simple but elegant looks especially when paired with trousers and jeans. I also love to wear a variety of colors from brights to neutrals. My wardrobe consists of all colors because that is what makes it varied, exciting and vibrant.

Fashom: How has your Hijab (scarf) impacted your style?

I have been wearing a hijab since I was 13 years old so it has always been a natural part of styling my outfits. I have a large collection of hijabs in every color so there is always a piece that will match my outfit. The hijab is a symbol of modesty which impacts on everything else I wear. All my outfits are influenced by modesty and the Pakistani culture.

Fashom: What style tips would you like to share for those who are new to South-Asian trends?

South Asian fashion consists of such a variety of fabrics, prints, designs and colors that there will be something for everybody whether they are simple or extravagant in their personal style. If you are a simple neutral person, then you will find something for you. If you want to challenge yourself and dare to go loud, then you will find plenty of outfits that will allow you to progress to that. I personally love contrast within South Asian outfits. Many of my outfits have a fully embroidered kameez (tunic) with a plain shalwaar (trousers) and a dupatta (long rectangular chiffon scarf) of the same color with a different pattern. I also love color contrasts. For example, one of my outfits consists of an orange kameez, blue shalwaar and a dupatta with both blue and orange print. That is the beauty of the variety within South Asian fashion – you can easily create your own style that matches your personality.

Fashom: Any suggestions for this summer trend?

Not only do I love color contrasts but also floral prints. I would say floral prints are so elegant and feminine which makes them perfect for summer. Don’t be afraid to wear bright vivid colors like orange and yellow. This is what makes dressing up in summer exciting – you can unapologetically wear loud colors!

Fashom: What are your 3 favorite outfits have in your closet? 

This is one of my favorite South Asian outfits I have in my closet which I cut and stitched myself. I love the color and the gold embroidery on it. It is a three-piece outfit which consists of a kameez with gold embroidery; a plain shalwaar and embroidered dupatta. I have matched it with a cotton blue scarf and a pair of gold heels.

This is one of my favorite simple South Asian outfits that I own. It consists of a white dress with floral patterns, bright pink trousers, and a matching chiffon dupatta. It is so comfortable to wear and makes the perfect summer outfit.

This is another outfit that is perfect for summer because of the colors and materials. It consists of a yellow polyester shirt with a matching cardigan and ivory jeans. I’ve completed the outfit with a white scarf and black sandals with pink floral threadwork on them.

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  1. I love to see what Shazia is wearing each work day. Gorgeous colours and fabrics and always paired with a genuine smile 🙂 💜


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