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Fashom is the ONLY Fashion app that promotes self-expressive style of real people from around the world! As a brand, we believe fashion trends are set by regular people on the streets of any city in the world. We’ve recently added a new feature to Fashom, our stylist feature. With our stylist feature anyone can become a personal stylist, find someone to style them, or simply get fashion advice and tips.

Because of our new stylist feature, I thought Fashom should introduce to the world to two of our actual stylist. Introducing first, stylist Melody Hutchinson and second, stylist Amelia Baker. I asked each of these gals two questions, so the world and the Fashom community could familiarize themselves with each individual’s sense of fashion.


Melody Hutchinson

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To begin with, I’d like to introduce you to Mello. She first stated that her style is “girly with an edge!” She continued by saying “I get my inspirations from colors I love. I love mixing and matching!” When answering the second question, Hutchinson stated that she picks out her outfist “by feeling” which results in an “outfit automatically pop[ing] into [her] head”

You can follow Melody Hutchinson on Fashom @mellobello and Instagram @_melodyhutchinson.


Amelia Blake

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Secondly, I’d like to introduce the world with Amelia. She answered the first question by stating, “It is sort of hard to describe my style because it is ever changing, but I would say it is definitely preppy with hints of boho and glam elements. I really just love mixing different styles together for something unique and different”

She went on to respond to what inspires her by expressing that “living in Texas it’s hot 85% of the time, so I’m always looking for outfits I can layer or take from day to night easily. I work a 9-5 job…so sometimes I have to be able to take my look to an event immediately after work.” She concluded by saying “For me bold colors and vibrant patterns are a must, I love mixing them with classis pieces to create a fun look and a lot of what I wear is a reflection of my mood (so lots of flirty dresses with statement accessories). I also love to incorporate a DIY item into my look to make the outfit reflect more of my unique style.”

You can follow Amelia Baker on Fashom @amelia_blake and Instagram @amelia_blake.

Come join Fashom’s stylist team TODAY!


Written by: Darean Derae Rhodes

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