The New Face of Lingerie

Many times, it is difficult to find the right size in clothing. Sizes usually vary from store to store and unfortunately, numerical sizings produce self-consciousness.

That’s why, the lingerie brand, Neon Moon, is revolutionizing the conventional stigma of sizing charts. Recently, the brand has changed typical numerical sizes to body positive phrases. So, instead of 10s and 12s, the lingerie sizes are labeled, “lovely, “stunning”, “beautiful”, etc. In result, dissolving all negative connotations of numerical sizings.

It’s about time we feel good about our bodies while shopping and accept that everybody is more than just a number!

Here at Fashom, we fully support the idea behind this lingerie brand. Now, finally, women can embrace their bodies by purchasing a “beautiful” size!

Fashom hopes this positive change allows everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, which is our motto.


Written by Neharika Shah

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