90’s Trends that are BACK

It seems as though the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion trends are taking a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Although we wouldn’t want ALL the trends to make a comeback, there are plenty of trends that should’ve NEVER got the boot in the first place.


‘90s fashion was a time of oversized clothing, tinted shades and bandanas. Here are three of Fashom’s favorite celebrities that are bringing the 90’s back into play.



If you’re wondering whether or not pants are questionable during the summer time, wonder no more. Pictured below to the left is 90’s pop icon and R&B singer Aaliyah and to the right is one of the today’s celebrity fashion icons, Bella Hadid.



If there’s any accessory trend that can brighten anyone’s outfit up, it’s tinted sunglasses. We all remember celebrities ranging from Britney Spears (pictured below to the left) to Halle Berry rocking lenses hue somewhere between tangerine and pink. It’s evident that that tinted sunglasses have returned in today’s fashion and we’re using Selena Gomez as evidence (pictured below to the right).



If there’s any 90’s accessory that we ALL should be happy about making a comeback, it should be the bandana. Bandana’s not only making every outfit look 10x more fierce but also if you’re having a bad hair day it’s the easiest and cutest accessory to fix that problem. Pictured below to the left Is Christina Aguilera and to the right is a celebrity it girl Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods.


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