Self-Image in Fashion

In today’s world, the over-saturation of the media has led to impossibly high standards for body image. Instagram bathing suit pictures, models on the covers of magazines, brands’ depictions of their “it girls or boys,” and countless other examples of the sorts have set the bar for what we, as a society, consider to be beautiful. In reality, beyond the realm of the media’s portrayal of the world as well as us as individuals, this standard has become increasingly unattainable.


This issue is especially prevalent within the fashion industry, as the premise of it largely revolves around one’s appearance. A common conception is that in order to be “fashionable” or able to wear the clothing “well,” one must have a body or face identical or comparable to the models that represent the brand in magazines, on billboards, and all over social media. Fashion is often perceived as less of a means of true self-representation, and more of an outlet to please other people or fit in.


screen shot 2015-04-06 at 11.14.11 am
Revista Class


In order to combat this issue, it is imperative that you keep in mind that fashion, in its roots, is a form of art; it is a means of self-expression and a way to show who you are through your appearance. What should matter the most in picking out an outfit to wear is how you personally feel about it, as opposed to what other might think of you in it. If you were to forget to compare yourself to the models in the clothes and understand the products in your own way, then your connection to them and fashion as a whole will be much stronger and more enjoyable.


Source: Leslie Irish Evans



Overall, it seems that our society generally promotes the notion that individuals should be themselves, but then tears them down once they go outside of the line that it sets as “acceptable.” Truly, the only way to change this stigma is to rebel against it; be yourself despite what is set as adequate, and set an example for others so that they feel they can do the same.


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