The Key’s to Accessorizing – Menswear

No matter how much you love style or fashion, there will always be those days where putting maximum effort into an outfit is not the move. For those days, keep it basic. This is where accessories come in, basic does not have to be boring. Jazz it up by wearing a watch, belt, ring(s), bracelet(s), sunglasses, etc.

Every stylish man should own a go-to watch. Like most accessories, a good watch is worth the investment because it will be worn often and live a long life. Similar to the rest of a wardrobe, a go-to watch looks different for everyone since people have personal style. A silver watch like this is a great neutral color that will coordinate well with anything in your closet. Generally, watches with a neutral strap and silver case + bezel, will accompany any outfit you put on without much planning needed.

The one accessory that can always assist a look through working together with a watch is a belt. If you should ever have two accessories on at once, it would be those, assuming you’re wearing non-athletic bottoms. If you have a brown belt on, it looks good to wear a gold or brown watch. Either a watch with a gold case, a brown/gold strap, or a combination of the two. Navy and other colors that you would wear with brown are appropriate for a brown belt as well. The beauty of a gold watch, however, is that it can also be worn with a black belt, and virtually anything else you choose to wear.

As you can tell, accessorizing is all in the details. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, though. Basically, coordinate colors. Accessories are simply compliments to a look, but when wearing a simple outfit, they can give it a much-needed boost.

Consider the look below. Without the belt, sunglasses, and casual bracelets, the outfit would be okay. Still stylish, but okay. Now, think about adding a bandana to this outfit. Around the head like a headband, around the neck like a necklace, or even wrapped around the arm somewhere. Include a couple of vintage silver rings and a casual watch, place an assortment of pins on the cuff of the shorts, etc., and you have made a basic white tee and sneakers look like a very layered outfit without adding any layers.

Other accessories to think about:

  • Hats (either you’re a hats guy or you’re not)
  • Wallets/money clips
  • Socks
  • Necklaces

We believe that accessorizing your outfits can make them more personal. When you walk out of the house in the morning, your accessories will help communicate who you are. Here at Fashom, we’re all about being true to who you are.


Written by Martin Lang


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