Stop Calling Body Positivity “Brave”

The Misconception of Body Positivity

A body positive Instagrammer, Kenzie Brenna, expressed a divergent take on body positivity and the real definition of bravery in her recent post. Society views photos of plus-size women or women with more cellulite or stretch makes as very brave. However, Brenna believes this is not bravery.

To Brenna, bravery needs an act of courage. Courage is something you do out of strength when the odds are all against you. So what is a good example of this? Brenna uses firefighters as a prime act of bravery. They risk their own lives to save civilians. Models are not labeled brave, athletes in sports bras or swimsuits are not labeled brave, but models with “flaws” are labeled brave.

“I just exist”, states Brenna.

As a society, we should accept our insecurities and be better at loving ourselves, and just exist. Not every model who shows his/her flaws is actually “brave”.

Brenna is one of many people out there who feel this way about “bravery”. Here, at Fashom, we emphasize the same qualities that Brenna is preaching. We appreciate our users for existing and presenting themselves just the way they are. It’s that simple.

Thank you, Brenna, for your amazing words!


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