“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

Real Words From a Self-Image Coach

Summer Innanen, a professionally trained coach on body-image, self-worth, and confidence, recently tackled the question of whether body acceptance is an excuse to not take care of oneself. In this video, Summer analyzes and evaluates this very powerful and controversial question.


Summer’s answer to this question is a strong no.

First, she defines what exactly body positivity is. She takes a stance on just the word “excuse” and how it is a “justification of an offense”. Innanen explores how excuses develop from mistakes, which have very negative connotations.

Summer, then, reveals the bigger issue of the question. The question assumes that body size is suggested on how “well” you take care of yourself. Summer lays down real words of wisdom and explains that care for oneself is very subjective, therefore, very individualistic.

This short, yet powerful video on body acceptance is a great one. Summer Innanen broke down the question and turned the negativity of the question into positivity. At Fashom, we believe what Summer preaches. Thank you for this insightful video!

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