Hassle Free Clothing

We all have those days where we struggle to find an outfit or even worse, we simply just have zero motivation to rummage through our closet. Those problems are the reason we all need a few clothing options in our wardrobe that are hassle free. When I say “hassle free” I’m referring to those simple clothing items that you can easily throw on and have a complete look in seconds. Since I tend to face this struggle more often than not, I decided to share my latest go-to options with you all.

One. Kimonos

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Throwing on a kimono is always my first option when it comes to not knowing what to wear. Although kimonos won’t fully clothe you, they do serve as the perfect cover-ups that’ll spice up any look. Kimonos are super-lightweight, have wide flowing sleeves and you can find them in just about any color and/or pattern. I wear my kimonos with a simple white top and a jean skirt or shots.

Two. The Wrap Dress

Macintosh HD:Users:dareanrhodes:Desktop:DS61393BLKROSE-1_2048x2048.jpg

Wrap around dresses are NOT only one of the simplest silhouettes, but also versatile and can be worn and appropriate for various events. Wrap dresses come with zero hardware, zipper or buttons – only one simple tie around the waste that keeps the dress closed and they tend to have a v-neckline, which adds a little spice to the look. You can wear these dresses with any type of shows, but I love pairing my dress with a pair of sandals and a necklace to jazz up the look a little more.

Three. Romper


Rompers are my favorite clothing essential because they’re minimalist, extremely comfortable and they’re all one piece. When I say one piece, I mean you literally don’t have to pick out a top or bottom and the best part is your bottoms are shorts. In one step, you simply jump into the rompers bottom half, pull up the upper half and you’re ready to go. I pair my rompers with any pair of shoes that match the occasion and a pair of hoops or a necklace.

I hope these clothing options make yall’s days a little more hassle free!

Written by: Darean Derae Rhodes

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