Student ID Shopping

This is for all you college fashionista’s that are looking for an awesome deal. A big perk that nobody knows about, is that plastic card that gets you in and out of buildings at school, yes your school ID card, can get you way more than just easy access to campus buildings. Your student card... Continue Reading →

Misleading Photoshop

Hey, Fashom world! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for 2017 in full force. This past week there was an article published on yahoo sports home page by a fitness blogger. And she showed the whole world how misleading photoshop really can be. This blogger stated a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Woman Poses In Varying Pants Sizes To Make A Point About Body Image

Hey Fashom! We all know when shopping, it can be difficult, when you feel like every stores sizes are different than the others. That your size 6 at American Eagle is a size 10 at Oldnavy. And this can be discouraging and make you not want to go to a certain store because you have... Continue Reading →

The best of body image

Hey, Fashom world! We are all excited to jump head first right into 2017, there are still some amazing things to look back on. We are going to go back and go over the 7 body positivity greatness that happened this past year. This is something we need to take with us into the new... Continue Reading →

Take Care of your mind

Hey Fashom world, and Happy New Year! As we all know, the whole world strives to have the best New Years resolution. Today we are going to take a step back and look at the 7 mental health resolutions that came straight from a psychologist. 1. Exercise - don’t set an extreme body weight goal but... Continue Reading →

Positive New Years

Hey, Fashom world! As this year is winding down, I know one of our favorite things to do is make a new year's resolutions. Which is great! But sometimes we shoot for the stars and then are disappointed when we don’t see what we want to happen. Pop sugar released 12 ways for a body-positive... Continue Reading →

Last Minute party outfits

Hey, Fashom friends! With the holidays right in the swing of things, you may be thinking to yourself, that you should have thrown a holiday party for all your friends or you need to attend the ones with the invitations just sitting on the kitchen counter. Well, think no more because we have for you... Continue Reading →

Body Positive move at the supermarket

Hey, Fashom world. With the Holidays coming around I know everyone is worried about gaining that 10 pounds of holiday food and drinks. And if you’re anything like me you try and eat healthily and on cue all the way up until the big day. But here is something inspiring for us all to read... Continue Reading →

Cultivating gratitude for yourself

Hey, Fashom peeps! As we all are aware, we live in demanding a world that is always focusing on our weight, body shape, and the way we look every single day. At Fashom we try to abolish these traits and comments and want to solely focus on the inner and outer beauty that you portray... Continue Reading →

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