Truth behind the Photos we see

Instagram has become a mecca for people to flaunt and market their fitness routines and bodies. These accounts are great to get workout ideas, inspiration, and motivation. However, one negative side effect has resulted from these accounts: a false sense of reality and body image. Anna Victoria is a fitness goddess. Her Instagram is comprised... Continue Reading →

I live in my yoga pants. You should be able to also

Yoga pants--aside from its traditional purpose of meditation and exercise--has become a staple in a woman’s closet as a go-to for comfort. Throw them on for class, hang out with friends, a day of errands, or casual family time. Every woman has the right to wear comfortable clothing. We love tiny women in leggings. We... Continue Reading →

Real post baby bodies

Kim Kardashian is back at her gorgeous curvy self, post-birth of her second child. She is flawless; she has no cellulite, no visible stretch marks, her body looks banging in those body suits she wears. All mothers can get there too, right? The answer is yes of course! Here is the recipe! 6 nannies $$$$... Continue Reading →

Pineapple leather is real!

It is a sustainable, durable, and cruel free textile made from the fibers of pineapple leaves. Spanish designer and founder/CEO of Ananas Anam (Pinatex), Carmen Hijosa discovered the Filipinos producing shirts made from woven pineapple leaf fibers. After years of research and testing, Carmen started Pinatex, producing socially conscious alternative to leather. Pinatex leather is... Continue Reading →

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