Summer Trend: Low-Back Swimsuits

Low back swimsuits are back in style! You can find these comfortable, yet sexy, swimsuits among various brands. It brings back the 90’s era and ultimate beach babe vibes. And who wouldn’t want to embrace their curves? Low back one pieces outline your figure in the best way possible. Time to show off your body... Continue Reading →

Diversity in Fashion

If you were able to catch any of the Fall 2017 runway shows within the four major fashion capitals (New York, London, Milan and Paris) then you might’ve realized that models were quite diverse compared to past seasons. This is because models actually were diverse this year and I’m not only talking about race. There... Continue Reading →


Fashom: Top three affordable items any fashionista needs in her closet. Mizfabulousity: White button down shirt A pair of jeans A pair of heels Fashom: Tips and tricks for saving money on clothing: Shop my closet on Mizfabulousity: Shop my closet on Poshmark app: Mizfabulousity: Shop online clearance sales             ... Continue Reading →

Positively Kate

Positively.Kate   One of the Internets finest aspects is the way it allows people around the world to share their stories and connect with individuals of all types of backgrounds. Body and mental health advocate, Kate Speer uses Instagram to posts about her life and how she’s overcoming her daily struggles. Recently, Kate posted a... Continue Reading →

THE 10 Beach ESSENTIALS Everyone Needs

LADIES, it’s officially summertime so I know you and your girl friends have planned your vacation to the beach. BUT the real question is, have you and your gals planned your beachwear and what to tote in your bag to the seashore? Well, fear no more because below I’ve compiled my favorite ten beach essentials... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017: Nail Revolution

Summer has brought back warmer weathers and brighter days. So, this allows us to be more creative with our own styles. Manicure styles are revolutionizing normal nail styles this season! Nails salons across the nation are busy with people who want these up-to-date styles. New nail styles like whiskers and disco nails are more popular... Continue Reading →

The Key’s to Accessorizing – Menswear

No matter how much you love style or fashion, there will always be those days where putting maximum effort into an outfit is not the move. For those days, keep it basic. This is where accessories come in, basic does not have to be boring. Jazz it up by wearing a watch, belt, ring(s), bracelet(s),... Continue Reading →

Body positive move by a pop star

Hi fashom Fans, Followed by Ashley Graham, Liza Golden-Bhojwani, more and more celebrities join us for body positive. Demi Lovato is one of them. She often posts pictures and message on social media to encourage people to love themselves and stay body positive. Recently, in her new Instagram post, she shared an ode on her... Continue Reading →


Jasmine “Jazzy” Owens’ journey to accept her own body as an inspiring one. When she was a 25-year-old student, she always compared her body to her husband's and questioned why he would ever marry her. Society generally criticizes females’ bodies compared to their males’ partners. Jazzy formed depression from this societal pressure. However, this struggle,... Continue Reading →

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