Positively Kate

Positively.Kate   One of the Internets finest aspects is the way it allows people around the world to share their stories and connect with individuals of all types of backgrounds. Body and mental health advocate, Kate Speer uses Instagram to posts about her life and how she’s overcoming her daily struggles. Recently, Kate posted a... Continue Reading →


Jasmine “Jazzy” Owens’ journey to accept her own body as an inspiring one. When she was a 25-year-old student, she always compared her body to her husband's and questioned why he would ever marry her. Society generally criticizes females’ bodies compared to their males’ partners. Jazzy formed depression from this societal pressure. However, this struggle,... Continue Reading →

Social Pressure from Instagram

Instagram is definitely one of the hottest social networking apps these days, used by millions of people who are eager to share photos and videos with their beloved followers. Everything seems so perfect and flawless there, but is that really a true picture of people’s lives? If you’re intrigued, stay with us and find out... Continue Reading →

Truth behind the Photos we see

Instagram has become a mecca for people to flaunt and market their fitness routines and bodies. These accounts are great to get workout ideas, inspiration, and motivation. However, one negative side effect has resulted from these accounts: a false sense of reality and body image. Anna Victoria is a fitness goddess. Her Instagram is comprised... Continue Reading →

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